((AHHAHAH ive been so inactive

i kinda lost interest in pmdu for the moment since theres not really anybody who ever asks me things and im just disintrested in my characters here

however i joined a super awesome group called the-blue-tides

u rp as cats

it’s gr8))

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ARTIST: Chillysundance
TITLE: Sundance's theme


Though it’s not something I really have had a desire to pursue until recently, I also have a little experience with music.

I managed to get a copy of FL studio recently from a friend. I have had prior experience with the program (and composing) back in high school, so in an attempt to shake the dust off, I’ve started composing theme tunes for PMDU npc characters.

Here’s Sundance’s theme, arranged in a medly for various situations ranging from neutral to action.

This isn’t final, it probably needs to be mastered a bit better and I could really use to replace some of the poorer sounding instruments. I only have one soundfont to work with :x

For Sundance, I wanted something light and innocent yet also noble. You can probably pick out some thematic inspirations from Persona, Pokemon and Final Fantasy games too.

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Fanart for our friends’ team, Enigma. You should check them out and ask them things cuz they’re really cool yo.

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((im frustrated and tired and im so so sorry for not being on like i thought i would today))

((im so sorry for being inactive-ish!! i’ll be more active this weekend, seeing as im done with work!!))

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Send me a ✧ and I’ll introduce you to one of all the muses I ever had.

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sayin this now, i might not be on much! my sister’s oficially here and she’s gonna be here for awhile! i dont have net on my phone (it’s an old ass phone) and my laptop is kinda super restricted where it can go (it has to be hooked up to a heavy, old monitor and has to have an usb keyboard…

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Welp this is it guys, as I promised I’m doing a giveaway for having more than 230 amazing followers in tumblr. I know I haven’t been here for a while, and I apologize for it, but I’m having some bad feelings lately. Pero bueno! Lets start with the simple rules:

  1. Like / Reblog this post so I can register you
  2. If you are a follower you can double Like / Reblog this post 
  3. No using a blank blog so you can get a chance
  4. I won’t do any NSWF stuff for the winners
  5. The DEADLINE WILL BE ON MAY 26 ( So this will be for a month so you have enought time to participate )

What will be the prices:

First place

( Full color drawing )

Second place

Simple drawing

Quick sketch

Thanks again guys, I really appretiate it all your support. Have fun and good luck!~

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